5 E-Commerce Investments That Will Yield Big Profits for Small Businesses during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left many small businesses in critical condition. As most cities remain on lockdown, economic activities have been significantly hampered, and revenue sources of most businesses have dried up. Innovative business owners and managers who understand the power of technology have turned their attention to e-commerce. Here, we will briefly discuss five e-commerce investments that can bring real profits for small businesses during this pandemic: 


For an established small business, getting into dropshipping is an option that should be considered carefully. The business model is simple, but most suited for entrepreneurs working individually or as a small group. A small business can invest in dropshipping products that are closely related to its regular products/services.  

Medicine Delivery 

In a time like this, people need their physicians more than ever. They also need their medicines more than ever, but lockdowns are in place in many cities. Online medicine delivery services are doing really well, and small businesses in related fields can jump in. This is a critical investment that can yield high returns, but you have to perfect your strategy before getting in.

Grocery Delivery 

There has been a sharp rise in the download of grocery delivery apps, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Lockdowns in most cities mean people can’t do their delivery old-fashion. The need to protect themselves and their family members from the virus has forced most people to embrace online delivery. Small businesses should consider investing in grocery delivery as the trend will most likely continue, even after the lockdowns have been relaxed in most cities.

Food Delivery 

Just like the point above, COVID-19 has led to an exponential rise in the demand for food delivery services. While most restaurants shut down entirely as a result of lockdown orders, some have moved their services online. Waiting for the lockdown to be relaxed is not the best option. Investing in online food delivery, on the other hand, will bring profits now and in the future.

Automated Processes 

For businesses that have embraced e-commerce already, an investment into automated processes is important this period. More businesses are coming online, and the better placed you are to compete, the higher your chances of making more profit. Automation of order management, inventory management, checkout, billing, payments, shipping, and other operational processes will be an excellent investment for any small business.

There you have it! Above are some ecommerce investments that will yield big profits for small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the business environment in most countries for good. It is not feasible to wait for things to get back to normal, as that may never happen. It is time for small businesses to find alternative means of survival. We believe the five e-commerce investments discussed here can will bring profit for most small businesses.

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