Best POS Devices of 2020

If you want to make a choice for POS machines and software, it is very important to base on certain criteria. As an example to these; You can consider items such as monthly software subscriptions, various payment processors, and compatibility with third-party POS hardware that you can purchase in advance. 

The best POS systems offer you many advantages to manage your entire business. 

You can reference the following items as an example; 

  • Processing sales and accepting payments  
  • Analyze sales data 
  • Keeping track of inventory 
  • Connect with customers 
  • Managing employees 
  • Email marketing 

What is a POS System?  

You can think of POS systems as developing cash registers. These systems, which can meet the software and hardware requirements of the users, can be integrated with mobile devices and cloud services. You also have the option to use POS systems with back-end accounting systems and credit card payment processors.

The system used by a customer to purchase, collect product costs, calculate taxes, accept payments and create a receipt is called a POS system. These systems, which make it easy to manage sales data, inventory, customers and employees, are a good choice for your business.

Generally, POS systems combine two or more of the following elements:

  • A cash register  
  • A kiosk  
  • A monitor or screen, usually touchscreen  
  • A cash drawer  
  • A payment processor  
  • A receipt printer  
  • A barcode scanner  
  • A credit card reader POS software

POS systems can work more integrated with other applications such as inventory management and back-end customer relationship management (CRM).

What are the Features to Consider When Choosing a POS System?

When evaluating POS systems, you need to evaluate an entire system. These can be considered as cost, system, and flexibility. In addition, features such as software, hardware, and payment processing are the most important criteria for the evaluation of the POS system.

The criteria you should consider when evaluating whether the POS system is suitable for your business;

  • POS SaaS and Licenses 
  • POS Software Plans 
  • POS Software Features 
  • Equipment 
  • Unlocked Hardware 
  • Installation and Installation Costs 
  • Integration Costs 
  • Payment Processing Costs

When does your business need a point-of-sale (POS) system?

When you start to offer services and products as a business, you need to take advantage of POS systems. While the POS system offers a more flexible payment system in terms of customer experience, it also provides an easier working opportunity for the cashier. In this case, the margin of error is minimized.

POS system can be used until inventory management, tracking the items in stock and purchasing. POS systems, which have advanced inventory management tools, can follow real-time transactions in e-commerce environments and physical retail stores. Therefore, you can take more accurate steps in setting costs and targets for your business.

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