Build a six-figure income with lifetime residuals in 12 months

Are you looking for a recession-proof career? Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Setting your own schedule? Maybe vacationing whenever you want and building your business from literally anywhere? How about earning a consistent income with lifetime residuals that will pay you even when you stop working? If you’re interested in a career where you can make a sale once and get paid off of it for years to come while working in your own backyard—then this opportunity might be for you. 


Did you know that every time a card is swiped someone is getting paid? It’s true! And we think that person should be you.


In this webinar, Jason will show you how to make up to $100K in just 12 months with zero-start up expenses in the merchant services industry.  Check out the full webinar below, and book a call if you’re one of our five.

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Watch the entire presentation, then book your call on Jason’s calendar below. Once you book you will be sent a questionnaire to help identify if this is the right fit. Hit the button below, book your call, fill out the questionnaire, and we look forward to talking with you soon.

wondering if the money is real? here's proof.

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Name: Mac McRoberts

Years in the Industry: 15

Why partner with PCBancard?

From day one, we were speaking the same language. The communication is amazing. Communication is my big thing. When I need something, I call someone in the company. I’m not cutting tape to get there, or going through multiple levels with customer waiting for an answer. We do whatever it takes to get them going. You guys have been consistent on that for 10 years, and that’s where I want to be. 

Name: Steve Siegal

Years in the Industry: 14 years

Why did you choose the Payments Industry? 

It’s a business that’s almost unaffected by the economy. When the economy is good people buy stuff and they use credit cards. When things in the economy go bad people still need things and they still use a credit cards. So it’s almost an impervious kind of a job for whatever the economy is.

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We treat our sales reps like family and give our newbies full access to our experienced reps for mentorship and support. If you’re selected to be one of our five, we’ll provide you with:

  • Access to Monday Morning calls with our National Dir. of Sales for training, direction and inspiration
  • Access to Merchant Services Training you can work through at anytime.
  • Live Sales Training with Jason and our small group of new sales reps
  • Access to our agent portal, parter training and development portal, and a personal email
  • Personalized Individual Sales Plan created just for you (once you complete training)
  • Email Marketing offered to your interest list to generate leads and increase awareness
  • Automation Tool for LinkedIn Lead Generation offered
  • Branded and personalized marketing materials and business cards for your startup
  • First 5 merchant proposals created by PCB to get you off to a solid start
  • Mentoring by experienced reps in the industry
  • PCB Matching Bonus when you get to $10,000 in residuals 

All of this is provided to you free of charge. All we ask is that you don’t waste our time if you choose to come on board. This is a tremendous opportunity to start building lifetime residuals with a company that has your back (and the back of your future customers). Book your call now and find out if it’s a good fit!