How to Put Money Back Into Your Bottom Line Without Raising Your Prices.

We’re finding that business owners across the country are quickly warming up to the idea of offering two prices to their customers—a higher card price or a cash price—especially after the effect of COVID-19 on small business owners.
So there’s only one question we have for you:
If you could stop paying processing fees, how would you use that money to grow your business?
Would you:
Pay your employees more?
Pay yourself more?
Put more money into advertising?
Buy more inventory?
Go on a vacation?
With rates going up like never before and businesses grappling with recovering from the pandemic—it’s quite possible that there’s never been a better time to switch your business to a Dual Pricing Program.
So, let’s review:
  • Processing rates are on the rise.
  • Business owners are forced to pay higher fees because of rewards attached to their customer’s cards.
  • You can eliminate these fees by passing along a small fee to your customer instead.
  • And you may be leaning toward staying on Traditional Processing, instead of switching to a Dual Pricing Program because “you just can’t do that to your customers.”
We were with you right up until that last one.
How about a quick review of Traditional vs Dual Pricing:
If you’re on Traditional Processing, you probably pay 2.5% or more to process credit cards. Let’s say you process $50,000 / month in volume—that’s approximately $1250 per month just to process credit cards.
If you switch to a Dual Pricing Program, you’ll pay a flat fee of $64.95 no matter how much volume you process. That’s approximately $1185 you could put back in your business each month.
We know what you’re thinking: But, it’s just not that easy.
But—what if it is?
Here’s a few more reasons why getting on a DUAL PRICING PROGRAM JUST MAKES SENSE:
  • You’ll pay a flat fee of $64.95 no matter how much you process.
  • You’ll be on a month-to-month contract with no cancellation fees if you change your mind.
  • Customers choosing the card price will pay 3.99% higher than the cash price.
  • We’ll provide you with a pre-programmed terminal, Gateway or POS System for your business.
  • You’ll save thousands of dollars per month and grow your business as a result.
So, yes you could stay on Traditional Processing, and continue to get sucker-punched by card-issuing banks every month.
We just wanted to let you know what your options are.
Ready to fight back against ever-rising credit card processing fees? Book a free 15-minute consultation and let’s find out if Dual Pricing is right for your business.
PS: Interested but not sure? Answer a few questions about your business and we’ll send you a free rate analysis so you can find out exactly how much you could be saving each month.