How to Put Money Back Into Your Bottom Line Without Raising Your Prices.

We’re finding that business owners across the country are quickly warming up to the idea of adding a small fee to their customer’s card, especially after the effect of COVID-19 on small business owners.
So there’s only one question we have for you.


If you could stop paying processing fees, and pay a flat-fee of $64.95 instead (with no cancellation fee), how would you use that money to grow your business?


Would you:
Pay your employees more?
Pay yourself more?
Put more money into advertising?
Buy more inventory?
Go on a vacation?
With rates going up like never before and businesses grappling with recovering from the pandemic—it’s quite possible that there’s never been a better time to switch your business to a Cash Discount Program.
So, let’s review: Processing rates are on the rise. Business owners are forced to pay higher fees because of rewards attached to their customer’s cards. You can eliminate these fees by passing along a small fee to your customer instead. And you’re leaning toward staying on Traditional Processing, instead of switching to a Cash Discount Program because “you just can’t do that to your customers.”
We were with you right up until that last one.
How about a quick review of Traditional vs Cash Discounting:
If you’re on Traditional Processing, you probably pay 2.5% or more to process credit cards. Let’s say you process $50,000 / month in volume—that’s approximately $1250 per month just to process credit cards.
If you switch to a Cash Discounting Program, you’ll pay a flat fee of $64.95 no matter how much volume you process. That’s approximately $1185 you could put back in your business each month.
We know what you’re thinking: But, it’s just not that easy.
But—what if it is just that easy?
Here’s a few more reasons why getting on a CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM JUST MAKES SENSE:
  • You’ll pay a flat fee of $64.95 no matter how much you process.
  • You’ll be on a month-to-month contract with no cancellation fees if you change your mind.
  • If your average ticket is below $20, your credit card customers will pay .89 or less per transaction. (Average ticket prices over $20 will pay a flat fee of 3.99%).
  • We’ll provide you with a pre-programmed terminal that’s free for 30 days.
  • You’ll get proper signage for your store to be compliant with Visa/Mastercard.
  • You’ll save thousands of dollars per month and grow your business as a result.
So, yes you could stay on Traditional Processing, and continue to get sucker-punched by card-issuing banks every month.
We just wanted to let you know what your options are.
Ready to fight back against ever-rising credit card processing fees? Book a free 15-minute consultation and let’s find out if Cash Discounting is right for your business.




PS: Interested but not sure? Answer a few questions about your business and we’ll send you a free rate analysis so you can find out exactly how much you could be saving each month.