Merchant Services Training with Jason reed

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Training Day 1 Recording: Fundamentals of Interchange


Get ready to take notes!


Every time a customer swipes a card, a business owner pays fees. But where do those fees go? We answer those questions and more in our Day 1 Training. Merchant Services is based around something called Interchange. Jason will tell you more about interchange than you probably ever wanted to know, so you can educate business owners about how is really making money, and how.


Plus, learn how to calculate how much merchant is paying in processing fees off the top of your head, how businesses can avoid chargebacks and what PCI compliance is. 


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Training Day 2: Different ways to process credit cards: Traditional VS Non-Cash Adjustment

Let the note taking continue! Jason reviews with a few live questions from day 1 training,

Today Jason gets into Non-Cash Adjustment, how to run a compliant program, and which industries are low-hanging fruit for NCA.


Update: you will use the Partner Training Portal for all marketing, applications and training. Use PCB Helper/Agent Portal for Residual Tracking and Merchant Processing.

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Training Day 3: Cash Advance and Non-Cash Adjustment are a dynamic combo! Find out why this is such a money saver for business owners.

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Training Day 4: Prospecting, Applications, and Closing the Deal

  • Finished Day 4 Video? Great! There is no quiz for Day 4. Just let us know when you finish the 4th day, and we’ll set up a 1×1 call to answer any questions you have, and make sure you are pointed in the right direction for success.

advanced training

Jason’s Advanced Sales Training focusing on how to prospect…coming soon!