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DeJaPayPro offers a cloud-based POS for retail and restaurant businesses like: shoe stores, boutiques, candy stores, pastry stores, restaurants, salons & spas, bakeries, cafe’s and more…


OVVI POS is now MX POS! Easy to implement and even easier to use, Priority’s MX™ POS offers world-class POS solutions tailored to your business. Whether you’re running a restaurant, launching a retail location, or accepting donations, our POS solutions are quick to implement and easy to use.

MX POS can handle restaurants or retail. 

Learn more about MX POS at Priority’s site here: https://prioritycommerce.com/smb-payments/mx-pos/

PCBancard’s Customer Relationship manager for MX POS is Karlie Christianson: karlie.christensen@prth.com 

Contact Karlie if you would like a demo of MX POS with your merchant. 


Tabit POS is a tablet based product for high-end full-service restaurants. Scott Appel did a presentation on our Monday meeting in Oct 2023. For more information on Tabit POS visit:

Who is this the best fit for: Applebees-size restaurant, restaurant with outside dining, restaurants doing a million to million and a half annually. Can replace Toast. Full-service system for high-volume restaurant that needs all the bells and whistles. This is not supposed to replace HotSauce – it is for a higher-volume type of restaurant.

What are the benefits to restaurant owners?

The average customer is up 5 to 15% in sales within a few weeks, because taking payment at the table, quickly add drinks or food items, etc.

What type of equipment? 

ipads. Different sizes available, prices depend on the merchants’ need. This is more expensive option than other systems, but you can replace Toast with this system.


Flexible POS options with expansive integrations to help you take orders and accept payments, organize inventory and manage your team. Available for Traditional Processing Only.