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Looking for a terminal for your merchant? If you’re placing a terminal for the first time, make sure you listen to the call from Monday Morning with Tina by clicking here: Terminals with Tina. After listening to the call and reading the notes, please book a call with Jason or book a call with Tina for a demo – to decide which terminal is best for your business owner. Once you select a terminal, you will add this information on the Download Sheet with your application. Reminder that you can always download the Agent Equipment Book for a full list of Equipment + Prices. Always check the Live Price Sheet for any changes to terminal prices. 

Valor Terminals

Valor Terminals are some of our favorite because it is fast, easy to use and easy to set up. As of now PCBancard offers the VL100 and VL110. The VL500 can be ordered upon request. Watch the video about Valor’s Cloud-Based Payment Systems, then check out additional information in the about these terminals in the Valor Downloads section. The most recent training video’s from Valor are listed below under Valor Videos as well. Please contact Tina@pcbancard.com if you have listened to her training, read the information below and have additional questions about Valor Terminals. You may also visit https://valorpaytech.com/ to learn more!



Dejavoo Terminals have always been a solid, no-fuss terminal for our merchants. Plus Dejavoo is compatible with FluidPay Virtual Terminal—so if your merchant needs to process with a VT and terminal, Dejavoo is a great choice. Dejavoo recently came out with a new line, and we currently offer the QD Series! They also offer a POS line called DejaPayPro. Check out the downloads section for more information, and reach out to Tina@pcbancard.com for additional questions after viewing the information below. You can always visit https://ipossystems.com/ for more information. 



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