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2.19.24 Union POS with Jeffrey Sanders: “Union is a modern hospitality operating system, built for busy bars & restaurants by industry veterans, that is proven to improve guest experiences and make bars and bartenders more money. Our tools remove the pain points that are holding you back from your busiest day ever.”


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10.12.24  What’s the benefits of Hot Sauce? What’s the functionality? What type of industries are they good for? Dan from Hot Sauce answers these questions and gives an overview of Hot Sauce POS on our Monday Morning call.


[0 – 25:00] Who is Hot Sauce for? Restaurant POS bars and nightclubs, primarily. Along with Pizza places, Mexican Restaurants, and sit-down restaurants. Dan reviews Hot Sauce Functionality, Demo Layout etc.


[20:00 – 25:00] Dan shows how Dual Pricing looks on Hot Sauce. Before it’s paid, the receipt will show both prices for each item and two totals at the bottom. (Cash and Card). After it’s been paid anything it shows the total for the price that was selected.


[25:00 –  44:00] Open Q&A

  • Does Hot Sauce deal with Gift and Loyalty cards?
  • How does Hot Sauce manage pay or order at the table?
  • Can owners login from anywhere to run their business?
  • Why is Hot Sauce better than other POS systems?
    Answer: Support. Staff people have actual restaurant experience.
    Within 10 to 15 minutes of leaving a message they get a call back. Ability to meet the needs of food and beverage industry. Not trying to be one size-fits all for everybody. We stay in our lane.


[44:00 – 55:00] Once is turned over to you guys when it comes to the installation process. What should merchants and reps expect?

Answer: Understand the process they are about to embark on when they get a new POS system.
Generally, 2-3 weeks until the system is operational and installed.

We will contact them within 48 hours of receiving the contract. Merchants will receive a call from our team along with an email spelling out that process so they know what to expect over the implementation process.
We’re going to verify the equipment to make sure everything we have received is what they want, then we’ll request shipping.
During that process, we start the menu filled and review process. We find an installer in the area, Monday through Friday. We give the merchant videos, and a technician available to them directly during the first three hours they are using the system.
Local tech to set things up but not a Hot Sauce employee. Sometimes seasoned agents do installs.


[55:00 – 1:06:00] Mission Control, phone app and new HotSauce coming this year.


What is the cost for the merchant:

  • $599 for set up fee and equipment. They are not buying the system. The equipment is being placed for free.
  • If you are a rep paying for equipment – the rep will pay $500.
  • $79 per station per month for software and support.
  • Reminder:  PCB will pay to have menus redone bc Visa/Mastercard wants to see both prices displayed.


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2/5/24 Overcoming Objections and Recognizing a Buyer’s Sign. 

Don’t get objections confused with buyer signs! Use buffer statements and porcupine questions.

Jason covers how to overcome the following “objections”

  • “I don’t understand”
  • “I’m in a contract”
  • “I need to talk to my business partner”
  • “I want to think about it”
  • “My company is cheaper”
  • “Send me more information”

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1.15.23 Monday Morning Meeting with Emma and Kristen

[0 – 12:30] Emma covers the new Agent 2024 Presentation Book and Quick App, where to find the “Junk Drawer” in the Partner Training Portal, etc.

[12:30 – 27:00] Kristen shows how a merchant can find their MID in MX Merchant. She also discusses the process for getting a merchant started with PCI compliance.

Here’s the recommended process for getting your merchant going on their PCI compliance:

1. Get them up and processing first. Once they are up and running, within the first 30 days, tell them it’s time to get their PCI compliance done so they don’t get fined.

2. Contact Kristen and ask her to send the registration email. Once she sends that email, the merchant must login within 24 hours to register. Kristen will let you know when the email is sent so you can follow up with your merchant. 

3. Once your merchant has registered for PCI, they will get an instruction guide and phone number to call for help. Best practice is to set up a time to go to your merchant’s location and help them through this. 

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1.8.24 – Welcome to 2024! The $10,000 is available for everyone this year. 



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1/29/24 Jim Sheridan from Priority joins us for a conversation about CPX & Plastiq.


[0:00 – 6:42] Jason’s intro Plastiq:  Gives merchants the ability to pay any vendor however they take cards. You can use your business card, something you’re getting the rewards for. This is your business rewards card. Make a payment to any vendor. Use their personal card that they get their rewards for allows them to transfer it to ACH, credit card transactions, or wire transfer. Jim Sheridan intro: This is receivables management. This is money coming in and money coming out for business owners.

[6:42 -15:50] Priority Payables Product Overview: Payments and banking come together. How priority is able to offer as a service, receivable, management solutions, check, debit ACH payments, as well as payable solutions.

[15:50 – 29:00] What is Plastiq? Unlocking working capital with your credit card. Improve efficiency, generate cash back, even help merchants out when they’re in a pinch: What happens when your taxes for the quarter are due, you’ve got payroll, you’ve got five different invoices totaling $15K with $4K in your checking account—what do you do?  Here at PCBancard we can handle your payables and your receivables. So you load up your invoices, we take care of everything else. Your vendors don’t need to sign up.

[29:00 – 34:00] Use Cases: Would you like to have an opportunity to get more points on your card? They can float themselves a small loan or “float”—they can get their points, cashback, miles etc. They can centralize their payables to where they’re not writing checks multiple times a month. How often do you have to take a cash advance or tap your line of credit? Using Plastiq is a far cheaper solution. The fee for using plastic is 2.9% A float costs 69 basis points.

[34:00 – 50:00] Value Proposition: You’re literally making money by paying your bills. As payment professionals, we have ways to increase your liquidity and help you with working capital, enhancing your ability to pay your vendors, and more.

[50:00 –  1:00:00] CPX similar program as Plastiq, but for merchants paying $10 million in payables per year. Maybe it’s that restaurant chain, or that manufacturer, lumber store etc. PCBancard becomes the card issuer. Tell your prospects: Get me a list of your suppliers and how much you pay them, and I’ll tell you how much money you can make off of those payables.


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