Applications: The only thing standing between you and your deal. The process can be confusing but follow our steps and you’ll get it done without a ton of back and forth.

1. Use OneHub link to submit your deal. If you don’t have a OneHub link, contact Once you get your link, you’ll create a login and password and you need to remember it. Then, drop a test file into your folder to make sure you know how to do it. Contact for help.

2. Choose the correct application for your merchant. If you are turning in a Non-Cash Adjustment deal, you’ll use the PCB Non-Cash Adjustment Application unless told otherwise.

3. Decide if you will be submitting your application by downloading and getting a wet signature in person or if you will be using DocuSign for a digital signature.

4. Watch the video’s in the Video Training Section for how to complete a Merchant application, and how to fill it out on DocuSign (if using DocuSign). We also recommend printing out the Sample Completed Application to reference.

5. Still have questions? After you have done the above steps, you may reach out to us with questions. Contact Jason if you have additional questions about what application to use, or what needs to be submitting with your deal, etc. but only after your do the above. Our office will contact you if anything is missing from your application.

Contact to be set up as a User in DocuSign.

Sign into DocuSign to Access Applications