Applications: The only thing standing between you and your deal. The process can be confusing but follow our steps and you’ll get it done without a ton of back and forth. (Please note if you are a new rep use the Quick App Process. Please scroll to the bottom and click on QUICK APP & JOTFORM for instructions).

Use OneHub link to submit your deal. If you don’t have a OneHub link, contact Once you get your link, you’ll create a login and password and you need to remember it. Then, drop a test file into your folder to make sure you know how to use it.

Have questions? After you have done the above steps, you may reach out to us with questions by calling the office at (973) 324-2251 or emailing and Our office will contact you if anything is missing from your application.

Quick App Process for new agents:

  • Complete the Merchant Quick Application and Purchase Agreement via printable PDF 
  • Gather the required Documents: 3 Months Processing Statements, Drivers License, Voided Check or Bank Letter, and Business License, (Bank Statements may be required, especially for Next Day Funding-get them if you can).
  • Drop the Quick App and supporting documents into OneHub.
  • Call the office or Send an email to with Subject Line: MPA Submitted for [merchant name] and [date]. 
  • You will be cc’d on the email e-sgin app sent to the merchant. Please note the office will only send the application out for signature one time, it is then on the agent to get the signature. 
  • You or your merchant may be contacted for additional information and questions about equipment. Please put notes about equipment, charity program, or other nuances on your documents in OneHub,

Merchant Quick App: Jotform Link (this may be used instead of the Quick App. Supporting documents still go into OneHub)

DOWNLOAD: Quick App, Purchase Agreement, Download Sheet PDF

Additional Notes:

Review the closing process in Step 3 of the Sales Guide here.

View an example of the e-sign your merchant receives here.

Jason reviews exactly what your merchant receives in their inbox—watch minute 1:00 – 7:00 here so you know how to answer any questions.

After the account is approved, the merchant will be charged 30 days after the equipment is shipped.

You will be paid your bonus once your merchant is up and processes $300.00

Questions? Contact or call the office.


Any agent that wants to submit a deal with Cannabis must register with the bank and send a copy of their drivers license, front and back (clear copies). It must be an individual (no Corps, LLC’s etc). The bank just needs to keep track of who is handling the account due to cannabis laws. If any agent has a desire to enter this market, please make sure you complete our DocuSign, and we will submit it to the bank. Request the DocuSign from Do not turn in a Cannabis deal until you do this first. DocuSign includes Agent Compensation plan.




QUICK APP/JOTFORM FOR CANNABIS – please request this link from once you have completed / gathered the above items.