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1.30.23 Application Training 101: Wondering how to complete a PCB Merchant Application Properly? Watch Jason’s training!
Jason reviews imporatnt Housekeeping items, then dives into the Non-Cash Adjustment Merchant Application. Here’s an overview:

  • When you should use the PCB Non-Cash Adjustment Merchant Application and when to use the DTI Application.
  • Important information you MUST have on every application. 
  • What to do when you have two signors.
  • And more
Everyone needs to watch this entire training! 
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1.24.23 From Prospecting to PayDay Part 3: The Presentation to Closing your Deal


  • PCB emails: Use it or lose it! Accounts will be closed that have been inactive for 3 months
  • Bonus: Keep pushing through the end of Jan! Your efforts will pay off.
  • Book your 1×1 with Jason to reverse-engineer your goals for 2023 here.
  • HotSauce: Still offering $0 service fee until the end of Jan. Savings of $79 per station
  • Need support for your merchant? Please use You will then see the issue come from our HelpDeskt ticketing system so you know it is being worked on. 
  • Bookmark the Partner Training Portal to your Browser. Recent updates are Charity Form has been added to your Applications section, Example Custom Proposal has been added to Non-Cash Adjustment section.
  • Newsletter: Puts everything all in one place so you don’t have to go searching for what’s new. Monday meetings are always recapped here linking to the RepBlog.
  • OneHub: Must turn in sensitive documents via OneHub. Contact if you don’t have a link.
Meeting Topic: From Prospecting to PayDay Part 3
Reminder to ask to do business with people you are already buying from! Jason uses Steve M’s example of how he went to his local flooring and auto service businesses after he spent money at their place of business.
Closing the Deal Plan A: … you bring the application, get supporting documents and close it at the presentation. Sean covers what to do if you don’t have an application but you have a merchant ready to sign up. 
Closing the Deal Plan B: … merchant is not ready to sign, but not saying no. What do you do? Steve give his advice on questions to ask before leaving, and Jason covers what to do as another point of follow up so you don’t leave the deal on the table. Ask for statements, build a custom proposal to show them how much money they will be saving. Jason and Emma will build your custom proposal within 24 hours.
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1.17.23: From Prospecting to PayDay Part 2 So you prospected well and got an appointment. Now what? Here’s what’s important to hit when your at the presentation. 

  • Jason reviewed prospecting and setting the appointment for the first 25 minutes. If you are new to the industry or sales, this is for you! He also reviewed the 5 touch points doc here and the Rep Spreadsheet here. If you don’t have a spreadsheet, contact
  • After min 25, Jason gets into the presentation. Everyone presents differently, but keep in mind we offer a suite of services to business owners, and YOU…their very own credit card guy or girl that they can call for support. 
  • Use the Merchant Questionnaire to uncover the problems in their business. Do they need Cash Advance? Better equipment? Would they like to Eliminate their Fees or lower their rate? The questionnaire and merchant letter is attached.
  • Try to gather processing statements at their appointment – and let them know you will create a custom proposal for their business showing them their exact savings, and cost for equipment, etc. A sample proposal is attached.
  • The Charity Program is a HUGE asset to business owners concerned about losing customers. PCB will donate a portion of the merchant’s NCA fee to the Charity of their Choice, as long as it is a 501c3 Organization. Form is attached. Flyers can be made for the merchant as well. 
THANKS everyone! Please contact me with any questions about the above, or to sign up for Friday’s newsletters and Monday’s meeting. Also don’t forget Jason is offering 1×1’s to all of you to set your goals for the year. Book with Jason here. Need marketing materials, emails, or help with your spreadsheet or social media? Book a call with Emma here.
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1.9.23 From Prospecting to PayDay Part 1: 2023 will be a record year for the Non-Cash Adjustment program, and a record year for our reps who start planning for their success now! Listen to the entire meeting for the most recent updates from PCB, and how to reverse engineer your goals.




  • Use OneHub. If you don’t have a link, ask 
  • Welcome, Denzel! IT in training. In the Office. Make sure to say hello.
  • Bonus is back! What’s the catch? The work you put in to meet the deals will pay off in the long run. But you must meet the deadline.
  • HotSauce deal still going on. Write a deal this month, and your merchant gets free service for the first 2 months. Savings of $79 per month, per station.
  • Partner Training and Development Portal. Use it for your presentation, flyers, equipment and pricing, applications, training, and more. Bookmark this link to your browser:
  • Weekly social media posts are in the newsletter that goes out every Friday. Please review Friday’s newsletter review Friday’s newsletter here if you haven’t already. Social media links are listed under “PCB HIGHLIGHTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA”.
Meeting Focus: Making five points of contact to stay on top of your leads and updated flyers:
  • Who is PCB flyer, HotSauce flyer, Cash Advance flyer, Non-Cash Adjustment General flyer, and Non-Cash Adjustment Auto Industry flyer, and Burn Rate Card are available in the Partner Training Portal in the Non-Cash Adjustment Section. Scroll to DOWNLOADS and find Non-Cash Adjustment Printables and download from there.
    • You can request all of these to be personalized. If you want to target a specific industry for the NCA flyer, just let me know what Industry you want to target. Request them by emailing me at
Setting Expectations for the Year: From Prospecting to the Appointment.
Jason talked about 5 points of contact, here’s the document referred to on the call covering a process for drop-in, phone call, email, video, and LinkedIn to get your appointment and not lose track of your leads. You are welcome to use this document on your own, or you can book a call with emma to review how to use it.
Jason asked: what is your number? Book a call with Jason and enter your numbers into his spreadsheet to reverse engineer your earnings. How much do you want to make at the end of 2023? Jason will help you nail down how many deals per month you’ll need to close, and at what volume. Book your 1×1 with Jason here.
Jason also had an in-depth conversation about dual-pricing, what it is and how it work on a terminal, etc. If you are confused about this… make sure you listen to Jason explain it on the call! This is a big way to help business owners get over their fear of losing customers. 
Bonus: Open Q&A
Question: What’s a good comeback when a merchant is already charging 3%?
Answer: You’ve bought into the concept already, so why don’t you do it legally? (Then let them know they are surcharging, and they shouldn’t be surcharging on debit cards, so set them up legally and compliantly).
Remember: Visit the Rep Blog for Monday Morning Archives, Facebook Group for asking questions and daily support, and look for the Newsletter every Friday for a link to EVERYTHING you need.
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Monday Morning Throwback: How to Sell Non-Cash Adjustment to the Automotive Service Industry.

Here’s the top four reasons Jason recommends targeting the Auto Service Industry above all others:
1) they use very simple equipment
2) the business owners are usually available
3) they’re not concerned about losing customers, because typically customers have time between their time of service to their payment
4) they do great volume

Plus, they’re everywhere! Consider prospecting Auto Industry businesses like these: 

  • tire repair
  • local mechanic
  • oil changes
  • muffler repair
  • window tinting
  • audio specialists
  • auto sales
  • collision repair

Wondering how to prospect them: don’t spill your candy in the lobby, say this instead: Hi, my name is Jason, and  I apologize I can’t stay long. I was just working down the road with Joe helping him eliminate his processing fees entirely, and wanted to stop by and introduce myself. It looks like I’m going to be back in the area Wednesday at 2 or Friday at 10, which of these times works better for you?

Plus, Jason covers key points to hit during your presentation AND how to sell to large dealerships and service centers. Dealerships do a lot of volume. Service centers usually have very little profit built in their processing. Most of them are already at .05% and .05%. If they aren’t ready to go for a Non-Cash Adjustment Program, offer the Dealership the NCA program and the Service Center a 1.50% flat rate (Traditional processing with a flat rate of 1.50%.)

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  • 12.19.22 The Partner Training & Development Portal has everything you need to sell merchant services, from training, to marketing materials, to pricing, to equipment, applications and more. Jason reviews each page of the PTP so you know where to find what you’re looking for.

Notes from the call:


Recent updates on the PTP:

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12/13/22 Monday Morning Call: Timothy Healy from PPS review E|TAB Online Ordering with PPS:

e|tab is online ordering made easy! e|tab facilitates orders for all restaurant types, including:

  • takeout
  • delivery
  • catering

Customers demand the convenience and safety of online ordering, but establishing and monetizing an online presence can be difficult. Priority can help business owners do it all, including catering, from a single, easy-to-use platform. Merchants can offer online ordering through their website to easily convert those third-party service customers into their customers. e|tab will get your merchants ordering in order.

Not sure how Online Ordering can help businesses? Here’s a few facts about Online Ordering post-COVID:

  • Since COVID, online ordering is growing 300% faster than in-house dining.
  • 70% of consumers say they prefer to order directly from a restaurant rather than a third party.
  • 60% of consumers order delivery or takeout once a week
  • 59% of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout/deliver
  • Restaurants reported an 18% increase in customer spending from online orders versus phone orders
  • Customers who place an online order with a restaurant will visit that restaurant 67% more frequently than those who don’t.

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12.5.22 How to find free leads and build your business on social media in 30 minutes per day, with Evan Gilbert.


The holidays and winter weather are an excellent time to work on building your Know Like and Trust Factor on Social Media AND find leads for free! Evan shows you how. If you have someone managing your social media, have them listen to this call.


1) Where to find new leads (first 10 min of day, prospect for new leads)
  • LinkedIn is your top platform. Evan used Steve Siegal’s LinkedIn profile as a great example of how to build up your LinkedIn Profile. We have additional tools for LinkedIn. If you are chatty with a keyboard and already have your LI profile built up like Steve’s you are eligible to use these tools. Talk to emma about how to get your LI profile looking like Steve’s and how to use additional tools on LinkedIn for your prospecting.
  • How to get free leads on Facebook and Instagram. Type in your city, then small business or business on Facebook (ex: Maui Small Business). On Instagram type in hashtag then the city, (ex: #vancouverbusiness) – this pulls local businesses you can then follow, comment, and engage with on social.
2) Share your personality on social media (the second 10 minutes of the day, is make a post or comment on others posts)
  • Share your personality on social (Steve’s profile has a professional headshot, banner image, About section, real stories from the field, and recommendations from customers, and he shares Jason and PCB’s LinkedIn posts)
  • Comment on things you agree with, think are funny, etc. People may decide to do business with you on down the road just from commenting on the same post!
  • 3 Topics you should be posting about every week:
    • share something that happened to you, your own personal story
    • share a testimonial from a client with a Call To Action (book with me here)
    • share a story from your client: something that happened to them and how they overcame the situation with you.

3) ABC even on social: Always Be Closing (the third 10 minutes of the day)

  • Use your Calendly link or book appointments with your prospects from social media.
  • We’re working on a VSL (video sales letter) you all can use to help book qualified leads. Start using social media now so when the VSL is ready you know how to use it. 
  • You can go to and set up your own free account. This will allow others to book appointments on your calendar with a single link.
Bonus: FREE Chrome Extensions 
  • Email Tracker: this can be used from your personal email to see if someone opened or clicked on your email. They may not respond but they may open, read and click! Use Email Tracker so you can follow up more efficiently after you send an email to your prospect. 
  • Email Extractor: Pulls an email address from a website! Totally free and legit. You can send them the Cold Email series (ask emma about this if you don’t know how to find it).
  • For you overachievers: check out for free stock images and videos


Need help with any of the above? Book an appointment with Emma here.

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Ever wish you could sit down with an experienced rep and pick their brain? Well, Jason has done exactly that.

We are offering you the incredible opportunity to learn from others who have found success in this industry. And by success, we mean stability, freedom, and the ability to live the lifestyle of your choice.


Here’s a snipped from the interview with Merchant Services Guru Steve Siegal:


It’s a business that’s almost unaffected by the economy. When the economy is good people buy stuff and they use credit cards. When things in the economy go bad people still need things and they still use a credit cards. So it’s almost an impervious kind of a job for whatever the economy is.”


Here’s the questions Steve answers:


How long have you been in the industry? 14 years.


What got you started? Selling big equipment when the economy went down, went looking for a new sales career.

Why have you stayed in the industry all this time? I took to the industry like a fish to water and it has treated me well, and I have made money in it.


What gives you satisfaction about staying in this industry? I get to help people. I used to be a volunteer EMT for 25 years, so I always look to help people.


What advice do you have for someone looking to get into the industry? Be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight. Be persistent. People will eventually learn to trust you. I have clients that have been with me for 10,11, 12 years now and they continue to trust me.


What advice do you wish someone gave you from the beginning? Learn the products, learn the services, take time to educate yourself.


Why would you choose residual based sales over commission based sales? It’s a business that’s almost unaffected by the economy. As long as you do your part and take care of your clients, they won’t look other places to get their problems solved.


How have residuals changed the way you look at sales? I have worked on both ends. With residuals there’s always a steady flow of business that keeps coming in, if you work it enough.


What’s the toughest part about building a business in this industry? You still have to work the system, and the competition of others telling business owners wrong information.


We’re now in one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the industry, with the merchant passing along a fee to the customer. What is your opinion on this? It is successful. When it first came out I thought it was the dumbest idea I had ever heard of… (listen to Steve’s story about how his mind was changed!)


Why have you chosen to stay with PCBancard for this long?  The ownership. They are in line with my principals, straightforward, honest, if there’s a concern I can bring it to their attention right away.


Anything else you want to add? Tremendous opportunity is out there and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’ve been more successful than even what my dreams were years ago. It’s given me the opportunity to do more things for myself and other family members.

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11.21.22 Jason covers why we are pushing you to use the Rep Blog and the Facebook Group! Plus, HotSauce Promotion details, why you need to be on Valor Training and what businesses are the best to talk to in November and December.


How to Use the PCB Rep Blog and Facebook Group
Valor Training: Build your confidence so you can answer your merchant’s questions yourself!
  • The most recent Valor training recording is pinned in the Facebook group. Future recordings and new trainings offered will be posted there as well. 
  • Go here for October training, and enter this passcode: %iuP@c#8
HotSauce Promotion
  • Anyone who signs up from Dec 1 – Jan 31, HotSauce will waive the first two months of the $79 fee
The best industries to pivot toward in Nov & Dec:
  • Retail & Restaurants are busy! Try pivoting toward the Auto Industry, Dentists, Veterinarians, or businesses not affected by the holidays.
  • Get your prospective merchants ready to start come Jan 1. Get all the underwriting done and equipment ready so that when Jan 1 comes around, you’re ready to roll.
  • January 1 you should be BUSY: it is the biggest month of the year for many!
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11.14.22 Learn from the best! Here’s what happened with Bob, Steve, Debbie and Steve’s deals this week. Jason asks: What is it that made this business work with you? What problems were you able to solve for them? How did you come across this business?

Bob: My merchant had a high-ticket at $50-$60K because he did foundation repair. Had him on TSYS initially. Then he calls me out of the blue and says he’s tired of paying these fees. Had to educate him on why you don’t want to do this yourself. Just because they say no initially, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually change their mind.

Steve M: Had the walk-in of a lifetime at Kubota (Agricultural machinery company), working on 9 locations at $100K per location on the NCA program. Had success with another business after leaving the Attention Loyal Customers sheet. The general public knows NCA here, and they are accepting it. 1% of $100K = $1,000 a month. The goal is to get 20-30 of those as fast as you can. Before the NCA program, it would take 40-50 business to match that income. Now, everything’s being opened up. These new people coming in are going to get the benefit now. The money’s there, you just have to go get it. 

Steve S: One of my biggest accounts, Garden Supply guy selling Rocks, Dirt and Mulch doing $600-$800K per month not interested in NCA, perfectly okay paying $20-$30K per year in fees. So Steve asks him: what’s your number? He says: $100K. Steve says: good news you didn’t spend $100K, you spent $98,500. Then he said: let’s do this. There was no reaction to his business whatsoever. So far he’s saved $75K in the last 4 months. My other client started adding a service charge himself. Now I have to go back since he has bought into the concept, and help him do it legally. It will happen, it’s just a matter of when. You just have to be there often enough. 

Debbie: People from three years ago are now open to the program when they weren’t before. The current processor will scare them saying they will run off their customers if they switch. More companies are doing it, and there’s more competition, but it’s a good thing because you’re losing the top two biggest objectives.

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  • Attention Loyal Customers signage. Try placing this in your prospects store prior to signing them up with NCA. They can test their customers reaction before starting the program.
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11.14.22 Monday Morning Meeting: Time is Money and Jason and Emma want to get you the information you need faster. Learn the “why” behind our The Rep Blog, Facebook Group/Newsletter, and Active Campaign.  

The PCB Rep Blog – aka Monday Morning Archives is here! This tool is here for you to access information and motivation 24/7. Emma reviews how to get to the blog, and why we set it up.

Facebook Group: Private group, just for the PCB family. Join us by going here and request membership. Once you’re in, watch this video to make sure you’ll get notifications so you don’t have to go digging to find it.

  • Pinned in the Facebook Group are special training topics. Go to the featured section to find the tutorial on whether or not you should use Active Campaign to organize your leads or send automated emails to your list. You can also find custom made email templates to send as follow-ups from your personal email account, pinned in the Facebook Group.

Weekly Newsletter: Monday’s meeting topic announced, recaps from the Rep Blog and what happened this week on Social Media all summarized in one place! You’re welcome. If you are not receiving the newsletter every Friday, please reach out to

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  • Use the PCB Spreadsheet to organize your leads. Please go to File/Make a copy and share it with Jason and Emma. Once your spreadsheet is full, reach out to Emma to get emails going! Watch the video tutorial here and learn how to use this sheet.
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Ever wish you could sit down with an experienced rep and pick their brain? Well, Jason has done exactly that.

We are offering you the incredible opportunity to learn from others who have found success in this industry. And by success, we mean stability, freedom, and the ability to live the lifestyle of your choice.

Here’s a snippet from the interview with Mac:

Jason: You could be with any company, why PCBancard?


Mac: From day one, we were speaking the same language. The communication is amazing. Communication is my big thing. When I need something, I call someone in the company. I’m not cutting tape to get there, or going through multiple levels with customer waiting for an answer. We do whatever it takes to get them going. You guys have been consistent on that for 10 years, and that’s where I want to be. 


Other questions Mac answers on the call:

  • Why did you decide to get into the merchant services industry? 
  • What made you want to stay in this industry? 
  • If someone is just getting started in this industry, where would you tell them to start? 
  • How do you feel about helping business owners pass along a fee to their customers? 
  • If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently? 
  • How has the success you’ve built in this industry shaped your life? 
  • Why PCBancard? 
  • What do you want others to know? 
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11.7.22. Bob, Leah, and Sean chimed in on their new deals. Jason asks our reps that brought in deals recently: Share some success stories… What was the situation? How often did you visit the merchant? What kind of problems did you find? How did you come upon this merchant? How did you end up closing them? What was the selling point for them? Sean discusses how he got his guy to start out with traditional and moved him to NCA.

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11.7.22 What’s the difference between Surcharging, Non-Cash Adjustment and Dual-Pricing? 


Non-Cash Adjustment: Used to be called Cash Discounting, now we call it NCA. It’s an adjustment to the price of a good or service at the time of the sale. Essentially adding a fee to anyone who uses a credit or debit card. Merchants won’t lose money on a product sold in cash. The signage does not mention debit or credit cards. Must have correct signage.


Dual-Pricing: Non-Cash Adjustment, simply showing the prices. What if you had equipment showing the cash and credit prices? Then your customer decides! This functionality can be turned on with HotSauce, Valor and Dejavoo. 


Surcharging: Adding up to (not over) 4% is added to all credit card transactions. Can only be done on credit cards (not on debit cards). It’s meant for bringing in additional revenue to help offset fees.


Jason goes over why it is not necessarily cheaper for merchants to take debit cards—plus Sean, Steve and Randy discuss (debate) over how to approach merchants with different programs. Jason explains how to model the conversations to not offend merchants who are “doing it wrong”.



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11.7.22 This business is a marathon, not a sprint and there’s different ways to do it! Jason, Steve and Randy chime in with different models to scale your business.

We want you to build your business to five digits every month after year two. You can scale through referral partnerships and networking groups! Consider CPA’s, Accountants, Banks, Financial Consultants. 

What is BNI? Steve Siegal gives the run down on how he’s grown his business through this network. BNI is very faithful they stay with the people they know. You must make your meetings to stay in the group. Check your local chapter. 15-30% of his business comes from BNI. 

Chamber of Commerce: Randy has been with PCB for about a year and in that time has brought on 30+ businesses. Randy leveraged his local Chamber of Commerce to launch his payments business, and over time built a program to give back to his local community through credit card processing. Talk about building trust. Randy’s merchants will never leave him!

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11.2.22 Long-time PCB rep Sean Carney answers the questions you’re dying to know about this industry!



  • Why did you decide to get into this industry and why have you stayed in this industry?
  • What would you say to someone thinking about getting into this industry?
  • For someone new to the industry, what advice would you give them about building their business?
  • What is the toughest part about building a successful business in this industry?
  • What are your thoughts on the current changes when it comes to businesses having the ability to pass along the cost of accepting cards back to the consumer via NCA or Dual Pricing?
  • If you had to do one thing differently since you started in this industry, what would it be?
  • Why have you chosen to use PCBancard as your Team ISO?
  • Is there anything else you would like to say about this industry that you feel like everyone should know whether they are thinking about joining the industry or otherwise?
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10.24.22 OnPay Training with Katelynn! Learn how to make your merchant accounts more sticky, by adding a simple and easy to use online Payroll system that could save them up to 50% in monthly payroll expenses.

What is OnPay?

OnPay is an online, full-service payroll software similar to ADP/Paychex/QuickBooks Online/Gusto, etc. They offer everything business owners need to navigate Payroll, HR, and benefits.

Who is OnPay for?

Small business owners and companies ranging from 1-50, or 1-100 employees (OnPay can handle more but this is our target). Common industries are restaurants, retail, non-profits, law firms, etc.

Why Do Business Owners need OnPay?

They may be paying more than necessary, or may have a complicated system. Just ask you prospects or merchants the following questions to find out:

  • Who do you use for Payroll?
  • What do you like about your current payroll service?
  • If you could change or improve something what would it be?
  • If I could cut your current cost in half, and introduce you to a simple online payroll solution would you be interested?

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10.3.22 Jason reviews a plan for how to be successful in the Merchant Services Industry. 

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10.3.22 Jason opens the floor from Tips from our top reps. Here’s what they had to say about what works for them:


Sean: The game-changing one-liner that changed the way merchants respond to you every single time:

Want to know the one-liner that will change the way a business owner responds to you when you walk into their place of business? 

“Hello, my name is ____, I want to apologize, I can’t stay long…”

What happens when you lead with I don’t have time to stay? “It’s a game changer.” Takes away the barrier. 


Steve M: Real-life numbers game: One week of work made him an additional $13,200 per year.

“One week I did 80 walk-ins. Out of those 80 walk-ins, I set 6 or 7 appointments. Out of those appointments, I sold 3 of those accounts. In the end, it gave me an additional $1100 more per month on top of what I’m already making.”

One week of intense work = $1,100 per month and $13,200 per year. Not bad. Not bad at all. Consistency will get you more money!


Steve S: When to say “I’m Dead to You”

Business owners sometimes fear having a conversation with me because their afraid of a customer walking in the door and losing business. So I tell them from the beginning: “If a customer walks in the door, I’m dead to you.” It helps them understand that I am there for them and their business first and foremost. I also listen to what they are saying and can usually come up with a story that relates to their business.


Let the Prospect stay in control of the conversation

Also, I let them stay in control of the conversation. If I am going to ask them a question I say: Can I ask you a question? They usually say Sure and I ask something like, What don’t you like about your current processor? Or What do you like about your current processor?

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Sean talks about the “stupid money” he’s making selling Cash Advance. Watch the video and learn why September and October are the best months to talk to businesses about Cash Advance. 


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Here’s some gold nuggets from the 5 Reasons People Buy, with specific examples of how these buy cycles work in Merchant Services:

  • Acceptance: they want to be accepted by others as a successful business. Say, “What are your biggest goals for your business over the next 6 months or year?”
  • Validation: listen to their objection and validate it! Say, “You may be right! for 2% of businesses, this isn’t the right fit.”
  • Convenience: Switching is a hassle! Say, “Here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m going to bring back the application, we’re going to go ahead and get it signed. I’m going to give it 2-3 days and we’ll have a terminal shipped out. This terminal will be programmed before it ever reaches your location. You’re going to call me when you get it, I’m going to come over and plug it in for you.”
  • Control: Buyers want to feel like they are in control of this process. Show them how to take back control of their business: Say, “I’d guess 70% of your business is probably coming through credit cards correct? Yes. Who’s making the money off these credit cards? I don’t know. The banks!”
  • Greed: What do they want to do with their money? Buy a car? Be the top restaurant on the block? Say, “If I could help you put 50 grand back into your business, what would you do with it?”

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